The group Lõõtsavägilased started in the December 2013 when Margus Põldsepp from Untsakad put together a group of young Estonian accordion players from Karksi-Nuia Music School: Andres Eelmaa, Rasmus Kadaja, and Tobias Tae.

For the first six months, they focused on instrumental songs, then they started to include more and more songs in their repertoire. In 2017, the frontman of the group Andres Eelmaa switched his accordion for a bass guitar to add a variety of sounds to the band’s music. Ott-Mait Põldsepp, who plays the guitar and the mandolin, joined the group in 2019.

Lõõtsavägilased play mainly folk and traditional music but they do not say no to playing other styles either. During the last five years, the band has given more than 600 concerts and has taken the stage at all the main folk music festivals in Estonia. They’ve worked with several notable artists like Untsakad, Zetod, Jaan Pehk, Hardi Volmer and Metsatöll and won many music awards.


​Andres Eelmaa

Lõõtsavägilased manager

+372 5558 6166




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